Shipping Information

All products from HELENKLEORESSHOP.COM are shipped with Australia Post. The following standard shipping rates apply when purchasing from HELENKLEORESSHOP.COM

Standard — $15 flat rate
Standard Delivery is between 3-5 days from receipt of payment of your goods.

If you have a special delivery request please email Helen for a a quote and service availability


Returns and exchanges

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the goods you have received from HELENKLEORESSHOP.COM contact us by messaging the HELENKLEORESSHOP.COM within two weeks of receipt of goods. 



FREE return shipping

HELENKLEORESSHOP.COM will provide FREE return shipping to the purchaser in the event where the goods are to be exchanged.



Where a product/s is/are to be returned HELENKLEORESSHOP.COM the purchaser must arrange and pay for the cost of shipping. The purchaser must keep the product/s in a safe and proper manner and take reasonable care of the goods. The goods should be returned in its original packaging or as packed to avoid breakage or damage during transport back to HELENKLEORESSHOP.COM  



If a refund of the product/s is deemed appropriate, HELENKLEORESSHOP.COM will refund within 14 days of return of product to our warehouse.


Is there something else that you would like to ask?

If you are not satisfied with the these policies, the level of service or any other aspect the HELENKLEORESSHOP.COM, please message us and will ensure that your matter is address promptly.


Further Information or questions?

You are welcome to send us a message at any time. Click here to send your message now


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